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Temporary Recruitment

As one of the largest temporary and contract staffing service providers, Gi Group in the UK currently places and retains over 12 ,000 temporary workers in work each week. Not only is flexible staffing a critical competitive prerequisite, clients are recognising that the world of work is changing and that more and more high quality staff opt for the benefits of flexible working, fuelled by employment benefits which until a few years ago were only available to directly employed staff.

At Gi Group our job is to put these elements together to forge a successful relationship between client and candidate. Today, clients require and demand staff who know what they need to do in their roles and are able to get on with it straightaway with the minimum of fuss; someone who will fit in with their team, who has the requisite skills and training and, above all, who has a flexible attitude.

That’s where Gi Group comes in.

Gi Group works closely with its clients to continually offer increased service and cost benefits – which has resulted in an enviable history of customer retention and growth. We have the network and recruitment channels available to source temporary and contract staff that meet our clients’ specifications in terms of experience, training and attitude.

Employment status:
One of the many things that makes us different is that we don’t supply temporary workers, we supply Gi Group flexible employees.

What’s the difference?
We employ all of our temporary workers under Contracts of Employment. This has a number of benefits to your business:

  • You will have a clear understanding of your legal position regarding flexible employees
  • You will have access to a pool of high quality people who you can draw from on a flexible basis
  • There is more likelihood that those who do well for you will return to undertake further assignments

Customer service:
We have a total commitment to customer service.

  • All candidates are interviewed face to face so that we know they are right for you
  • We carry out four separate checks to confirm the eligibility to work of the flexible employees that we supply
  • Our service doesn’t stop at 5.30pm. We are 24/7 and will be there when you need us
  • We use open book pricing
  • We have an extensive suite of value added services that means we can create a genuinely bespoke service for your business