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Permanent Staff

The consultative recruitment service provided by Gi Group is second to none. Our service can be applied to the recruitment of a specific candidate for a specific role or large-scale project recruitment campaigns. We work with our clients to develop effective recruitment strategies and tactics, recruiting unskilled workers through to management positions in a wide variety of industry sectors and across a range of functional and skilled categories.

Our own survey data ensures that we are always equipped to advise our clients of local market job and employment information including employment trends, available skills and salary and benefits surveys.

Our Permanent Recruitment Services include

  • Advertising copywriting, media selection and placement
  • Assessment centre design & management
  • Candidate specification development and drafting
  • Interview facilities for use by clients
  • Job description drafting
  • Offer or rejection handling
  • Pre-selection
  • Profiling
  • Referencing
  • Response handling
  • Screening, assessment and testing
  • Shortlisting
  • Volume project management
  • Web based advertising and sourcing