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Corporate Social Responsibility

An organisation’s corporate social responsibility framework should enable it to operate profitably in a socially and environmentally responsible manner to achieve business sustainability and stakeholder satisfaction. The level of influence that a company can have on these areas will be driven by the nature of the industry in which they work.

At Gi Group UK, our CSR teams work with internal employees, temporary and permanent candidates, clients, suppliers and other business partners to ensure that our CSR programme’s “annual commitments” are defined with all of our stakeholders and the progress towards achieving these commitments is consistently evaluated and communicated to all interested parties.

Download the Gi Group UK 2015 CSR Report here.

Download the Gi Group UK Modern Slavery Policy here.

We have become increasingly aware of the importance of integrating work in the community with our mainstream business activities. We actively encourage our employees to raise funds for our nominated charity.

To continue to develop our market share in the UK our brand needs to be recognised as one that stands out from our competition by developing quality, ethical solutions with all of our business partners.

We accept that our impact on the environment is not as significant as a manufacturing company but we still aim to minimise our negative effect on the environment.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace it is of paramount importance that we attract and retain the best quality candidates, whether working directly for us or our clients. We constantly review our benefits, welfare and training programmes.